Businesses require special attention to their technology needs. Technology powers the inside of almost every profitable business in today’s era.

At YTIT we understand that not disturbing the daily work flow is just as important as fixing technology problems. As such we will work with you to discuss all options before moving forward and are willing to work when everybody else has gone home for the night (so they can come back and work in the morning).

YTIT has extensive experience in the following areas:

Virtualization – Running Virtual Computers can help get the most of your resources and segregate important software so that one outage doesn’t affect everything.

  • At YTIT we believe that VMWare is the best Hypervisor on the market, if you are interested in Virtualizing your servers, please contact us first and ask why!
  • We are also experience with using hypervisors such as Hyper-V, Xen/Citrix and VirtualBox

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol – This technology has many benefits for companies that have large volumes of phone calls.

Benefits include (but are not limited to):

  • Tracking call volumes on large and individual scale
  • Routing calls to save time
  • Saving MONEY on phone bills
  • Allowing workers to work from home if needed
  • Customize every aspect of your phone system
  • Employees can move desks and sign into phone to get calls from same number

SQL or Structured Query Language – This is the language that all databases use. It is possible the most important part of your business. You may have a database of customers who owe money, their credit cards and much more. We are extremely knowledgeable in the following areas:

  • Setup of Linux based SQL Servers such as MariaDB and MySQL
  • High-Availability setups where 0 downtime is a MUST!
  • Effective monitoring of databases
  • Database replication
  • Master-Master or Master-Slave setups

YTIT believes in open-source philosophies and as such we are experts in all things Linux. Our preferred OS is either Ubuntu/Debian or CentOS/RedHat but we have used them all.