Welcome to YTIT,

I am always looking for new opportunities and challenges for I.T. projects.

I have experience in the following areas: (Not a complete list)

  • VoIP (Voice over I.P.) (Asterisk/PBX Systems)
  • Database Management (Setup/Replication/High-Availability)
  • Disaster Recovery/Planning (Backup scheduling, data recovery, raid setup etc)
  • I.P. Security Systems (Setup I.P. Cameras and Monitoring Software, Zones etc.)
  • Virtualization/Hyper-visors/Containers (VMWare, KVM, Hyper-V, Docker etc)
  • All things Linux (See blog https://freesoftwareservers.com)
  • Network Monitoring Solutions (BigBrother/Xymon/Hobbit/Zabbix/Nagios etc)
  • Upgrade Software Deployments
  • Network Setup (Wired, Wireless, Cisco etc)
  • Imaging and Deploying Images to computers (for repeat deployments)
  • Network Booting IPXE
  • Webiste Hosting/Proxy (Nginx, Apache, IIS, WordPress etc)
  • Cloud Systems (Google Cloud Compute, AWS etc)
  • Basic Programming Scripting in PHP, Bash, VBA, HTML, Batch, Powershell etc. (Jack of all languages, master of none)
  • VPN Deployment
  • Authentication (LDAP, Kerberos)
  • Degree’s in Computer Networking and Cyber Security
  • Mobile Device Setup and Troubleshooting
  • Building ATX Servers
  • Terminating Cabling

Please give me a ring, or e-mail at your convenience to discuss any projects you may have going on!